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Memento Mori
Dramatis Personae


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Major George McClellan


Captain William Sullivan, Gamma Team Leader

Lieutenant Gordon Johnston

Master Sergeant Jens Nielsen

Sergeant Florian Helmberger

Sergeant Tom Mustaine, Squad A Leader

Sergeant Eric Sargent, Squad B Leader

Corporal Alden Bates

Corporal Orin Flaherty

Corporal Mark Klem, Communication-Technology Specialist

Corporal Scott Lampert, Pilot

Corporal Denis Moeller, Medical Officer

Private First Class Avatar, Motion Tracker

Private First Class Mario Casali

Private First Class Thomas Moeller

Private First Class Kurt Schmid, Engineer

Private First Class David Shaw, Motion Tracker

Private Andrew Badorek, Sniper

Private Reggie Barker, Heavy Weapons Specialist

Private Dario Casali, Rapid Fire Heavy Weapons Specialist

Private David Davidson, Co-Pilot

Private Eric Reuter, Motion Tracker

Private Eric Sambach


Michael Rapp, Convict, sentenced to life on Io


NOTE: The characters in this story are purely imaginary. Their names and characteristics bear no resemblance to those of actual people, except by accident or coincidence.


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