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Doomed Once More
Past News


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Old News


Been working some on E1M4, it's actually pretty cool so far. There's some cool tricks like silent teleports, etc...

There's a coupla new screenies of it up for you to oogle at.


E1M9 is all but done. Just a few texture alignments here and there, and it'll be totally finished. I'll probably begin working on E1M4 in the mean time.


I'm starting a contest-like thing to see if anyone wants to help me design E1M2, which is going to be a storage area. Details are here.

In other news, I did a whole shitload of work on E1M9 today, it's about up to 80% done. Thus, I've added a couple of new screenshots to the screenshots page. Go drool over them, or something.


E1M9 is progressing quite well. I'd say it's about 40% complete as of now. There's a screenie of it on the screenshots page.


No Quarter is availible to the public, and was reviewed in Liam the Bard's /newstuff chronicles, viewable here.

Head on down to the download page for a link to download No Quarter.

In other news, I finished E1M8 and have begun working on E1M9 (don't even ask about the arbitrary level order, I just got some good ideas for those levels). Added some E1M8 screenies to the screenshot page, too.