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Doomed Once More


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Level Design -- Me, myself, and I. I do all of the level designing around here, because I just like having control over every single aspect of the project. Sometimes, I will be inspired by another level, in which case I will say so on the levels page.

Graphics -- Lots of credits to deal out here...

  • First of all, I did make a few myself
  • ID Software (Doom 2 textures)
  • Lüt, for the letters used in the between-level texts
  • Paul Flechute (Invasion II and Ultimate Invasion textures)
  • NiGHTMARE and GooberMan (Episode 5 textures)
  • Clan UD (UDM1 textures)
  • Deathz0r (Doom Alpha textures)

Music --

Testers -- All these guys have helped test in some way or another throughout the project

  • Lüt
  • Zaldron
  • Pritch
  • Liam the Bard
  • Deathz0r
  • Submerge
  • Superloud4
  • Man'o'war

Special Mention --

  • Let's give an extra round of applause to the friendly folk at the Doomworld editing forum, who put up with my endless barrage of retarded questions.

If I forgot you for whatever reason, e-mail me at and scream at me.