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Doomed Once More
About the TC


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Overall: Right now, Doomed Once more will hopefully encompass all of Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 when finished. I'm taking it one episode at a time, though, to avoid any major disappointment if I'm unable to do all of that (which is quite within the realm of possibility). I intend to release it episode-by-episode, with maybe a little teaser level before each full release.
Story: Doomed Once More will pretty much follow the same storyline as the original Doom, with a few differences. The main one so far is that I actually did like a couple of the ideas from the Doom novels, especially the way that Deimos was turned into a giant space station. I'll release little stories with the episodes as I release them.
Levels: The goal when designing these levels is to make them as realistic as I can, with my marginal level designing ability (which hopefully will improve as I go along). I want the player to be able to recognize where he is when he plays the game, one of the only weak points in the original Dooms.
Misc: Doomed Once More will feature new graphics and music (see the credits page), and maybe dehacked patches, mainly for the text, if I can figure out how to merge one into the wad.
IMPORTANT: Doomed Once More requires ZDoom or another source port that removes the vanilla engine's limitations.